Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for work with Priority Healthcare?
Signing up is easy, simply visit your nearest Priority Healthcare branch between 8am – 4pm to apply.

What should I bring with me when applying?
All you need is an updated copy of your resume, government issued photo ID, your direct deposit information (used for payroll) and your SIN card.

English isn’t my first language, can I still apply?
English doesn’t need to be your first language, or even your second. But, you should be able to competently read, write and converse in basic conversational English.

Can I apply online
We like to get to know the people on our team, we ask that all applications be completed in person at one of our branch locations. If you aren’t able to attend a branch in person, please speak to a representative about an alternate solution.

How will I be paid
Priority Healthcare strives to be a ‘paperless’ organization, our employees are paid weekly via direct deposit.

Can I register if I am looking for part-time or weekend work
Of course. We regularly recruit for a number of different shifts, and schedules. However, it helps to remain open to various shifts.

Can I register if I have limited or no work experience
Sure, everyone has to start somewhere!